Command line liquidity tools for quantitative trading across major assetsComming soon

Automated Sniper Bot

  • Fully Automated.


Windows 7/10/11
.NET Framework 4.5 installed.
A decent internet connection.
A decent BSC node, preferably paid, but free nodes are also an option.
Quicknode (paid)
Moralis (free)

Orderbook Visualiser with distribution signal

Asset: CryptocurrencyAbout: An order book visualizer is a tool used to visualize the buy and sell orders in real-time. The tool displays the current state of the order book and provides insights into market depth and liquidityTech: C++ Coinbase APIStrategy: If its right skewed you would look to sell and left skewed you would look to buy

4 weeks of support on how to use and implement included

Free Strategies

  • Simple to use and implement

  • Sometimes they say the best strategies are the simplest. So here are a selection I continued to use to this day which you are free to download and tinker with yourself

  • With it being free I cannot offer support at this time

T-E-T Bot

Asset: Stock market indexs, best results are with Mini Dow Jones Ind ($YM)About: Uses 3 Indicators MACD, Double Stochastics (DS), and Relative Spread Strength (RSS)Tech: C# NinjaTrader8

Breakout Bot

Asset: EquitiesAbout: Uses ADX to determine when an asset is prime to breakout of its range. The code includes the Market Profile Points of Control to be able to determine the support/resistance levels neededTech: Python


Asset: EURUSDAbout: Liner Regression bot designed around the FTMO (or other) funding challenge.Tech: MT5


Asset: GOLD (XAUUSD)About: Trades gold using Orderbook Flow via the Oanda API. All built-in so its still a plug in and playTech: MT5